Our Approach

Build and maintain a visualization tool & database connecting these datasets to serve as a catalyst
to create a data-driven discussion on improving our education system

Create & Promote consumable media elements from the data analysis and insights
and disseminate them broadly and repeatedly around the community.

Train & Facilitate Parents, Principals, Teachers, Superintendents, Community Advocates, Public Officials discussion.

Our Work

Equal is not equitable.

“Right now, we treat all students the same. But that sort of misses the fact that all kids do not start on a level playing field.” Neil Strege, Washington Roundtable.

Just pouring more money into a system that distributes it inequitably could deepen the opportunity gap. Because high-poverty districts tend to employ less experienced teachers, the state formula actually directs money away from students with the greatest needs. Learn how Washington’s current education system hurts poor and high-needs schools.
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Seattle public schools are failing black and Hispanic students – literally.

Three times as many black 3rd grade students, and almost as many Hispanic students, failed to meet the state reading standard in 2016. Take action to improve accountability of our public education system.

Washington State Legislature is in special session to finally address over-reliance on local levies to pay the state’s basic education obligation. Read the plans and tell your representatives to solve McCleary now.

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